What is Pro-Box?

Technologically talking about.

  • 3-axis accelerometer capable of measuring + - 3G
  • It allows precise measurement of angles, suspension analysis and decelerations
  • Use the technology MEMSIC (bubble in an enclosed space. Acceleration is calculated no by mechanical contact but by temperature change per movement)
  • 4 years of research and development by the UPV Eibar (technique engineering college Bilbao)

How is the Pro-Box?

Components and features.

  • Battery Ni-Mh (Niquel MetalHidruro rechargeable) (+- 6 Hours)
  • Industrila Bluetooth: 30 meters
  • Lightweight: 380 gr.
  • Intuitive Management
  • Neodymium magnet to attach to any metal surface
  • Display with Back Light (2x16)
  • AutoShutdown to optimize battery life
  • Led indicator battery charge
  • Only three buttons for all options
  • Audio indication for use as applications

Why is Magic?

Only 1 tool, 5 solutions

Adding this technology to an integrated software to Pro-Box plus a PC software got to have a single tool with 5 utilities different

  • Romess: Romees measurement
  • Geometry: Medidas Caida Avance King Pin Ajustes de caida con vehículo elevado
  • Shock Absorbers: Análisis estado de la suspensión sin desmontar amortiguador
  • Decelerometer
  • Inclinometer: Quick measurement of angle

Shock Absorber


Upgradeable by your needs

  • Checking the 4 shock absorber in 1 minute without removing it
  • Mathematical analysis of S.A. signal
  • Making assessment report as S.A.
  • Recording client / registration / test, etc ...
  • Evaluation results by type of shock absorber (Soft, Normal, Sport)



Upgradeable by your needs

Angles measurement

Allows measurement of angles on any surface


Camber Measurement

Allows placement over the Shock Absorber to verify the camber directly. In this case it is not necessary to align the vehicle after changing the shock. Real-time correction





Upgradeable by your needs

Camber, Caster, King Pin and Angle included measurement

  • Quick check vehicle geometry (except toe)
  • Ideal for active reception and boost vehicle sales alignment
  • Possibility of camber and caster settings
  • Measurement:
  • Only one wheel
  • One axle
  • Both axle
  • Compare actual data database (updated annually)
  • Vehicle Storage Facilities
  • Summary Report Results

Measurement Screen



Upgradeable by your needs

Romess measurement for Mercedes

Direct reading display angle



Solutions Software PC Extras
Romess - Mercedes Tool
Shock Absorber Yes No
Geometry Yes Wheel clamb
Decelerometer No Suction Cup
Inclinometer - No

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